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Hello all welcome to Health-gossip the world of all health news. Health Gossip was conceptualized by Mrs. Vidya with a vision of establishing a health portal covering wide aspect of health. With the help of her husband Mr. Priyank  who is founder of www.digitalwebdesignshop.com she created this master piece. The name of this website itself speaks all, Health gossips symbolize the gossips of health and its dimensions.

The founder of Health Gossip Mrs Vidya is basically a Homeopathic doctor graduated from Parul institute of Homeopathy from Vadodra, India and she is also a Registered Practical Nurse from Ottawa Ontario. And her husband Mr. Priyank is a highly skilled web developer and designer and also a Physiotherapist residing in Ontario, Canada. Her sister in law is a dentist Dr. Kazumi. So combining their educational background and their relatives vast collection of knowledge in different fields of health Mrs. Vidya initiated the idea of developing a wide health portal with all the gossips of health tips, news and education.

Health Gossip will include various fields of health like Nursing, Physiotherapy, Dentistry, Modern medicine and also allied health fields like homeopathy, Ayurveda, Alternative medicine, Acupuncture etc. Apart from this Health Gossip will also cover latest news updates and guidance for new comers to Canada for licencing in Nursing and Physiotherapy. Health Gossip will also introduce various Health Products and may advertise certain highly beneficial health products good for general population. The other important highlight of Health Gossip is socializing Health Gossip is also on Facebook and Twitter and all the articles and news posted on Health Gossip are socially share able. The Facebook page of Health Gossip will connect peoples interested in health and will share tips and news of health, the Twitter page of Health Gossip will tweet the latest tips and news of health. This way Health Gossip will cover all the major aspects in near future. Health Gossip also has a health discussion forum and also start featured health product section where visitors can find their desired health products and locate deals on them. Health Gossip will also has detailed guidance for students pursuing Nursing. Physiotherapy, Dentistry and allied medical faculties, the guidance will include free tips for educational guide lines to the licencing procedures its requirement and if possible free study material too.

So keep in touch to www.health-gossip.com to keep yourself updated with latest health trends, tips, news and products in near future we will also launch newsletter subscription so you can keep yourself updated with ease.


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