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Why Can’t I Sleep and How Alteril Can Help

Why Can’t I Sleep?

That depends on a variety of factors really. Stress is a leading cause of sleepless nights, whether it’s from stress at work, finances, relationships or other issues in your life. Lifestyle is another reason why people have problems sleeping. Shift work can take a toll on your body, especially if it your shift work changes from day to night on a regular basis and doesn’t give your body time to adjust. Maybe you work in a loud environment and your brain is still stimulated when you try to sleep. Diets also play an issue in sleeplessness. Drinking caffeine, in soda or coffee for example, and even in tea, shortly before bed is not a good idea. Finally, some people are genetically more prone to sleeplessness than others.

Do I Have Insomnia or is This Just Temporary?

Insomnia is a broad term, encompassing both symptoms of sleeplessness and a true sleeping disorder. The former is generally more common than the latter. If someone asks if you are having sleeping problems and you say yes, technically you have insomnia, although in reality, you’re probably just having a few sleepless nights. To categorize things more appropriately, it is more accurate to say you have insomnia if your sleeping problems last longer than a week. If it’s longer than a week but less than a month, you’ve got acute insomnia. If it lasts longer than a month, or you’ve been struggling with it for much of your life, you could call this chronic insomnia.

What are the Long-Term Effects of Not Sleeping?

The long-term effects of not sleeping include mental and physical illness and a weakening of the immune system. The effects of long-term sleeplessness on the process of aging are in debate. This much is known, sleeping-related problems cost the U.S. Economy $150 Billion in lost productivity per year, and cause 1,500 deaths in 100,000 car accidents attributable to sleep-deprived drivers.

What are My Options?

A few sleepless nights are certainly not going to kill you. In fact, 58 % of Americans claim to suffer from several nights of sleeping problems per week. Sometimes a change in sleep hygiene can help. This means optimizing the physical and environmental factors affecting your sleep quality. Keeping your bedroom dark and cool, for example, and using your bed only for sleep and sex. Sleeping pills are a common sleeping aid, but they’re only available with a doctor prescription, and they’re addictive. A natural sleeping aid, such as Alteril is a safer option, because it contains medically proven, sleeping aids with none of the side effects as sleeping pills.

How Can Alteril Help Me Sleep?

Alteril is a natural sleeping aid consisting of L-Tryptophan, Melatonin, Valerian and L-Theanine. In clinical tests, Melatonin has proven to be as effective as some sleeping pills, including Rhovane. Alteril is a safe sleeping aid to assist with mild insomnia and short bouts of sleeplessness. For cases of chronic insomnia, a visit to a doctor is recommendable to diagnose the underlying factors.


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  1. I was a student and due to heavy tensions of my exams and all the upcoming assignments i was gradually becoming and insomaniac. Due to all the hard study life i had, even after completing my studies i was not having good sleep at night. After completing my studies i got a job in a financial company and i used to work only office hours and i had enough time to sleep at night but i always wonder days and days passed i was not able to sleep i still remember until i was introduced to Alteril i did not had even one night that had a minimum of 4 hours of deep sleep. I discussed this problem with my cousin who was a physician he than introduced me to Alteril and since than having a great sound sleep is now a daily job for me. Many thanks to Alteril for saving my life and gifting me this precious sleep.

  2. Life has been always rude to me i had various bad moments in my life when i got just moved to florida and me and my wife had a baby we were so happy but our happiness did’t last long our child suffered from neonatal jaundice and our life felt with emptiness than few weeks later my life gave me more shocking news that my mom dad got into a car accident and i became alone above all this my wife had severe mental illness and due to all this i became so upset that i just lost my sleep at night even if i tried to sleep i couldn’t sleep. This started affecting my life my job and my health too. Even after months from this incidents i was not able to sleep. Finally i was introduced to Alteril a natural sleeping aid by my friend who’s a doctor and this made a turning point in my life now i am able to have a sound sleep all the nights. Thanks to Alteril for helping me in my toughest days.

  3. I am line supervisor in a packaging company in California i am in this job since 5 years and i have alternating shifts biweekly, so i work in mornings for two weeks and than for other two weeks in night. Initially when i joint this job i was good but as time past now i am having trouble of insomnia due to changing shifts i am now not able to sleep properly every day. Day by day i m now starting hating my job and my days pass very bad due to inadequate sleep, plus i am not in a position to change the job so the only option i have is this miserable life. Even i am not able to spend happy time with my family. But now i am introduced to Alteril and it has changed my life totally now i have sound sleep even on alternating shifts i can sleep good when every i like and i am not living my life the most and also i don’t need to quit my job. This is the magic of this product

  4. To be honest i am writing here my true review about Alteril after i tried it. This product is indeed worth every penny, I work as News paper deliverer in Toronto – Canada i deliver about 600 news paper including Toronto sun, National Post, New York Times etc in one night and recently few month ago i also joined a job of Pizza deliverer in Pizza Hut doing the Pizza delivery job in afternoon and New paper delivery job in night made me a like an all day “bat” i was not able to sleep in between both jobs and gradually this affected my health and at nights i was not even able to drive my car carefully than i was finally introduced to Alteril by one of my co worker and this product changed my whole life after coming from my job i take just one tablet and i have such a nice sleep that i cant even believe it, and more over the thing that makes me take it is, its all natural what more you want than a natural sleeping aid. I would recommend this to any one who is in search of a sleeping aid.

  5. I used to work in an transport agency in North Carolina i used to drive a heavy truck and used to travel a lot around states for various assignment but one day i met with a severe accident where i saw death rushing on me and i was lucky with gods blessing that i was saved after that incident i was very much afraid even after recovering from the injuries and fracture i had one big problem and that was of sleep when ever at night i used to sleep the accident turns up and wakes me up this went on and on and i did not had any sleep i went to psychologist and he gave me some medicine which worked temporarily but as soon as i stopped them i was sleep less than one of friend refereed me to Alteril and this now has become a permanent and the most importantly a natural source of a sound sleep. Thanks to Alteril

  6. This helped me to understand what my mother has complained of and I will pass the info on (back sleeper with sleep apnea). I have had experiences that were listed (i.e. evil figures, noise or yelling, etc.). I also sleep on my back and have sleep apnea. Alteril helped me from sleep paralysis.. Thanks!!

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