Chunky Broccoli Soup


This soup can be made in so many ways but the way I am making super easy and quick. I enjoy this soup in winter with some crackers.


2 cup broccoli roughly chopped

Spices: salt and pepper according to the taste

½ cup chopped onions

1tbsp minced garlic

3tsp all purpose flour

½ cup milk

2 cup water


Turn on heat and in a pot take 1 tbsp. oil or butter. Add onions and garlic mix it and add all-purpose flour. Mix again and then add broccoli, milk and water also add spices accordingly. Now stir it and let it cook until broccoli is softened. Once it’s ready blend it with hand blender or mixture. Don’t blend too much to keep it chunky but someone who doesn’t like chunk can puree and its perfectly fine. Last thing is to add cheese, any cheese can be used here either melt it or top it up when serving hot.


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