Credentialing Time Reduced By Alliancept for Physiotherapy licencing




The Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (The Alliance) is the national federation of provincial/territorial physiotherapy regulators committed to the development and improvement of regulatory standards of practice for physiotherapists.

The Alliance, on behalf of most physiotherapy regulators:

  • Administers the Physiotherapy Competency Examination to determine a candidate’s readiness for safe, effective, and independent physiotherapy practice.
  • Establishes whether the education and qualifications of internationally educated applicants are substantially equivalent to those of Canadian educated physiotherapists

As of  May 3, 2013 Canadian Alliance of Physiotherapy Regulators (The Alliance) has announced on their website that Credentialing wait times are now 10 weeks where we have a precedent file and 17 weeks for applications that do not have a precedent. This is a very good news for applicants applying for credentialing in Ontario Canada. Instead of waiting long for the results of credentialing now it will be up in just around 2 months.

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