Diet for Breast Cancer



Eat more of the things that blow in the wind – i.e. PLANTS!

Make vegetables and fruits, cereals and grains the mainstay of your diet. Aim for 5-9 servings a day, especially those fruits and vegetables that are dark in color.

Eat less of the things that have four legs.

Yes, this means red meat. If you can’t do without meat, do not deny yourself – just make it a small treat every week or so. Avoid cured meats, burned food and char grills.

A good substitute is Tempeh (a fermented soy product that I have found that taste BETTER than steak! You need to shop around for a good one, as quite honestly there are some bland soy products on the shelves. A delicious tip: sprinkle with garlic flakes, rosemary and herbs and grill it. Absolutely delicious!)

Eat things that swim and have fins.

If you like fish, this is great news. But don’t cover it in batter or fry it. Steamed or lightly grilled fish is the way to go. You need 3-4 servings a week.

If you are not keen on fish, it is absolutely essential to take a quality fish-oil supplement every day to get the Omega-3 oils that do so much good! This is important for areas in the world where fish may be contaminated with mercury or polluted waters.

Drink 8 glasses of pure, clear water a day.

You may decide to invest in a Water Distiller as I did, or install a water-filtering system under the sink. Water flushes out the toxins in your system, and a great way to start the day is by drinking 2 full glasses of your purified water.

Use nutritious energy ‘shakes’, smoothies and snack bars that have the right balance of protein to ‘good carbs’ to ‘good fats’.

When you don’t feel like eating, these will keep your energy levels up, and you can feel confident that you are not missing out on optimal nutrition. But choose wisely, as there are stacks of sugar-laden bars and drink mixes on the shelves. I found an excellent meal replacement drink mix in delicious flavors of French Vanilla, Dutch Chocolate and Wild Strawberry, and the yummiest snack bars.

STOP-PRESS: Soy protein that has been shown in recent 2009 study to be highly beneficial for all breast cancer patients.

Drink herbal teas and minimize coffee.

As well as I really like ginger tea, peppermint tea and a licorice tea that has a nice ‘bite’ to it.

Reduce alcohol intake.

There are some doctors who say that drinking alcohol is like putting a match to a flame for breast cancer patients. I made the decision to keep on enjoying a small glass of red wine every evening. It was not only relaxing, but how uplifting to enjoy a glass of wine in the company of friends. Besides, red wine does contain natural antioxidants, right? However, this should be your personal decision, to imbibe or not.


Delete artificial sugars and sweeteners.

Avoid ‘diet’ drinks like the plague, as they contain Aspartame. There has been a lot of research into the hazards of these artificial sweeteners.

Delete margarine and anything with numbers on the label.

Numbers on labels indicate chemicals, and you want to feed your body with pure, natural foods rather than any synthetic stuff.

Reduce animal fats and butter – anything with dairy milk.

Switch to olive oil for cooking and to use instead of butter on your wholegrain rye bread toast. Delicious!

Avoid high-salt foods – or foods with more sodium than potassium.

The balance of potassium to sodium should be at a minimum 5:1. Better still is the ratio 7:1 that occurs when we consume raw, natural foods that maintains the body in an alkaline state. Most processed snack foods are completely out of balance, so read labels carefully.

Did you know that cancer cannot survive in an alkaline environment? (I will write more on this later! Extraordinary!)

Eat the good fats.

Yes, your body needs the good type of fats that are found in almonds, avocado, sunflower seeds, flaxseed, olives, fish, soybeans, and evening primrose oil.

Run a mile from the trans-fats! (Sadly, these are hidden in the majority of processed foods, biscuits, cakes, breads – and are synthetic nasties!)

Switch to soy milk, oat milk or rice milk.

Some taste better than others. It’s a matter of trial and error. But I found a great soy milk that tastes really nutty and slightly sweet. Mixed 50/50 with water, it makes a delicious hot chocolate to have before bedtime.

Go nutty with nuts.

Raw almonds are a great source of potassium and protein. Avoid salted and roasted nuts.

Legumes are an excellent source of protein, low in fat and really nourishing.

Lentils, mung beans, chick peas, split peas, kidney beans are all great alkaline-forming foods – and provide necessary fibre.


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