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The Truth About Acid Reflux Drugs

What do proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) and Digestive Science Reflux Elimination System have

in common? Well, they’re both designed to reduce the pain of acid reflux. But the former is a

prescription and over-the-counter drug to reduce the discomfort of reflux. The latter is a

natural solution to treat the cause of this common problem.

Building on that, PPIs are linked to a concerning list of side effects and are not safe

for long-term use. Reflux Elimination System, being natural, employs gentle, soothing

ingredients that are clinically proven to treat the real reason you’re having the heartburn,

the regurgitation, the sore throat and nausea.

The reason is lack of digestive enzymes – a common, yet over-looked cause of acid


What is Acid Reflux?

Gastroesophageal reflux disease, or acid reflux, is a condition in which hydrochloric

(stomach) acid escapes through the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) that separates the

stomach from the esophagus. Symptoms include:

  • heartburn
  • ongoing hiccups
  • regurgitation
  • chronic sore throat
  • nausea
  • abdominal pain

While most people experience these symptoms sporadically, if they occur more than twice a

week you have acid reflux disease. Risk factors include pregnancy, being overweight, smoking,

eating large meals or lying down after a meal.

Notably, these factors can influence the gastrointestinal system and upset the balance of

stomach acid and enzymes required for the ongoing health of your digestive system. And with

that comes the pain and discomfort of acid reflux.

To treat this problem, many Americans reach for acid reflux medicines, particularly proton

pump inhibitors. But if new studies bear weight, that may not be healthy.

About Proton Pump Inhibitors

PPIs are reflux treatments that inhibit production of stomach acid. Common examples are

Aciphex and Nexium, Prilisec and Protonix.

PPIs are a fast, albeit temporary relief from reflux symptoms, especially heartburn.

But a recent Japanese study suggests that PPIs increase risk of diarrhea caused by the bug

Clostridium difficile, or C. Diff. The reason being that PPIs reduce the

stomach acid that would otherwise kill the bug, which then travels down through the GI tract

and releases toxins that cause diarrhea.

The researchers based these findings on a 2011 study, of approximately 500 hospitalized

patients, of whom more than half had taken PPIs. Their finding? The patients that took PPIs

were three times as likely to experience diarrhea.

And if you use PPIs on a regular basis, there’s worse news than simply being hunched over

a toilet. Evidence suggests that long-term use of PPIs may increase risk of bone fractures by

30%. This, upon studies conducted by researchers in South Korea, who found that prolonged use

of PPIs may reduce the body’s ability to absorb calcium.

Combine these findings with the function of PPIs, being to inhibit production of stomach

acid, which can alter the constitution of the GI tract if used indefinitely, and America’s

$13.6 billion annual habit of proton pump inhibitors may not be a healthy way to treat acid


Especially when there’s a natural, effective, and frankly, healthier way to treat the real

reason you may be bothered by acid reflux.

Why Reflux Elimination System May Be Safer

Digestive Science Reflux Elimination System is a comprehensive, three-part natural therapy

to reduce the pain of acid reflux and jump-start the enzyme renewal process. As well, it’s

formulated with a supplement with the super-food chia, for ongoing health and comfort, to

keep reflux far, far away.

Of course, if you suffer from acid reflux, you know it hurts and you’re looking for pain

relief. There’s plenty of that, with the Acid Control Formula – a dual action formulation

that coats and protects the esophagus from the pain of excess acid where it shouldn’t be and

a system of gentle acid control. No drugs involved. Instead, licorice root, slippery elm and

aloe vera.

Reflux Elimination System does not alter the constitution of your GI tract with

suppression of stomach acid. Rather, it stimulates the body to produce digestive enzymes, and

in the process, creates a healthy balance of acid and enzymes in the stomach, for less reflux

and more comfort.

Unlike PPIs, Reflux Elimination System comes with no reported side effects. Diarrhea?

That’s why we’ve got fiber. Bone fractures? Doubtful. Reflux Elimination System is a natural

therapy, for your body and tummy.

Drugs or natural. A temporary fix or lasting relief. PPIs or Reflux Elimination System.

Your call.


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