Expanding Physiotherapy to More Communities By Clinic Services



Ontario is expanding access to publicly funded, clinic-based physiotherapy services to more communities across the province.

Access to publicly funded physiotherapy across Ontario is currently unevenly distributed, leaving seniors and other patients in many communities without access to clinic-based services.

To increase services offered in these areas, the government has issued a Call for Applications to physiotherapy providers. This will expand access to clinic-based physiotherapy for 90,000 more people in underserved parts of Ontario, benefitting 150,000 people in total.

New clinic-based physiotherapy services are part of the government’s commitment to expand access to physiotherapy, and exercise and falls prevention classes across the province beginning this August.

Ensuring more people across the province have access to physiotherapy services close to home supports the new Ontario government’s commitment to provide the right care, at the right time, and in the right place and is part of the Action Plan for Health Care.

Quick Facts

  • One-on-one physiotherapy helps seniors and other patients recover better from illness, surgery or injury.
  • Locations where clinic-based services are currently provided will have the opportunity to continue to deliver those services.
  • The ministry will accept completed electronic applications until July 7, 2013.
  • Eligibility for publicly funded clinic-based physiotherapy services is not changing. With a physician or nurse practitioner referral, seniors, children up to 19 years old, and recipients of Ontario Works and the Ontario Disability Support Program will continue to be eligible for clinic-based physiotherapy.
  • Quotes

    It’s not right that seniors and other patients in some parts of Ontario don’t have access to publicly-funded physiotherapy. That’s why we’re going to fund clinics in a number of smaller towns and cities that are currently underserved. This is part of our plan to help over 200,000 more seniors stay healthy, active and independent by expanding access to physiotherapy, exercise and falls prevention classes.
    Deb Matthews
    Minister of Health and Long-Term Care

    On April 18, 2013, the Minister of Health and Long-Term Care announced that the government would expand access to publicly funded clinic-based physiotherapy services in more communities across Ontario.

    A key objective of the program is to expand access to publicly funded physiotherapy services to communities that currently are underserviced, to ensure these seniors and eligible patients received physiotherapy assessment, diagnosis and treatment.

    Call for Applications

    The Ontario government is issuing a Call for Applications to physiotherapy clinic owners who are interested in participating in the new funding model for community-based physiotherapy clinics.

    Physiotherapy providers interested in providing clinic-based services may view the application form and guidelines at www.ontario.ca/physiotherapy.

    The ministry will accept completed electronic applications until July 7, 2013.

    The selection of successful applicants and the funding assigned will reflect community needs and priorities as determined by the Local Health Integration Network (LHIN).

    Under this new funding model, the government will enter into individual funding agreements with physiotherapy clinics selected through this Call for Applications process.

    Funding for Community-Based Clinics

    The fee-for-service funding model for physiotherapy clinic services is being replaced with a new funding model where clinic-based physiotherapy will be funded under transfer payment agreements with the ministry.

    Physicians and nurse practitioners will refer eligible patients to selected clinics where they will receive an Episode of Care.

    This service provides goal-oriented physiotherapy treatment to a patient with a specific health condition, over a period of time with a defined health outcome. This includes assessing, diagnosing, treating and discharging the patient.

    The number, frequency and duration of visits offered during each Episode of Care will vary by patient need and will be determined by the treating physiotherapist using his/her professional and clinical judgement. While there is no fixed limit to the number of Episodes of Care a person may receive, a separate referral from a physician or Nurse Practitioner is required for each Episode of Care.

    Funding amounts for each clinic will be regularly reconciled against the actual total number of Episodes of Care – based on the required reporting of treatments and clinical information of the patient.

    Source: News Ontario

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