Fitness Myths Debunked

fitness myths






“No pain no gain” – sometimes pain in a certain exercise is a precursor of injury so watch your body signs & do not push your body against pain.

“No soreness no gain” – soreness is basically an indicator that you muscle group worked out against its normal comfort level, not necessarily you will get soreness after all the exercises. Learn to differentiate between soreness & pain.

“You have to use heavy weight all the time” – no actually you get more benefits with light weight, but proper form & execution of the exercise is the key. Pushing your body against the weight which your body cannot handle causes injury.

“Do cardio for hours & it will burn fat” – actually doing cardio for hours will cause you to have more fat by increasing your hormone Cortisol which is a stress hormone, instead you want to incorporate intense but short duration cardio and lift some weight.

“To have gains you have to work out hours & hours in gym” – do not make this mistake you don’t want to work out more than an hour , instead of making your work outs longer than an hour take less rest in between sets & cut down your workouts short.

“Take all form of supplements to have more gain & health” – absolutely wrong as the name says supplements are only to fill in the gaps they are not meal re-placers.

“You have to be on some sort of diet to have a great physique” – anyone who says I am on a diet at one point they will be off that diet & that will make them come back to where they were; instead eat healthy food and make sure you like what you eat i.e. eat smart. If you deprive your brain & taste bud from certain food you will bounce back like a compressed spring & definitely you will quite & get back to where you were. Have a healthy life style, make the healthy foods tastier so that you can eat them regularly, do some form of exercise regularly.

“You can build muscles with less sleep & more workout” – One of the important key to grow muscles is proper sleep, because the growth hormones come in play while your are sleeping & most of the repairs to the muscles after a hard workout is done during sleep. Try to have sound sleep for at least 7-8 hours a day to see best result

“More water increases your water weight & makes it hard to lose weight” – water is the key component of our body, in fact the more water you drink the less hungry you will be and it will help you stay focused on the weight loss. Water will also help to detox your organs & keep you off from kidney diseases. Try to drink 3 – 3.5 liter of water a day & please avoid liquid calories like coke, any soft drink even though it says “diet”, try to stay off processed fruit juice instead drink fresh fruits juice without added sugar. Try to limit access sodium which will do water retention instead try to eat asparagus with is a natural diuretic and it will help to maintain your water weight. Drinking water is over all good for health.

“Exogenous hormones are must to have muscular body” –  If you cannot build muscular body & you see guys at gym with muscular body don’t blame their body on exogenous (external) hormones, muscle building is a consistent & hard process you need to have right type of diet, proper nutrition & more importantly right form of exercises with progressive over load to have bigger muscles. You can also improve the hormones endogenously (internally) right type of food and right form of exercises helps to improve you positive muscle building hormones like testosterone & reduce negative hormones like cortisol, progesterone etc. There are natural ways to improve your hormones level & have better gains.

“Body building & more protein leads to hair loss” – Hair loss is linked to genetics & protein is the building block of hair so you need protein for over all hair growth, but one of the main factor why males lose hair is DHT (dihydroxy testosterone) which is a hormone linked with scalp hair loss and increase in body hairs. On the other hand if males have more free/natural testosterone than it will help to have more scalp hair, less body hair, have defined muscular body & other health benefits. Hair loss is also linked to stress and the life style you live which leads to increased cortisol which decreases free testosterone which starts depicting in male after 30 years of age.

“You cant eat fats if you want to lose weight & build muscles” – Eliminating fats totally from your diet is not helping you in any form, fat is an important nutrient in production of growth hormone so you cannot build muscles if you eliminate fats, there are different types of fat like saturated & unsaturated. To make it simple Saturated fats are the one you wanna stay off as they are the one who will raise total blood cholesterol and LDL ( the bad low density lipo protein); saturated fats are primarily derived from animal fats on the other hand Unsaturated fats are the one which are good and derived from plant based foods like nuts, seeds etc. So eat healthy fats and stay off the misconception that fats means fired food.

“You cannot eat a lot if you want to lose weight” – Its not about how much you eat but its all about what you eat; for example you can get 2000 calories from 2-3 packs of cheese fries & 2-3 cheese fried burgers with couple of cokes but to get 2000 calories you can probably have a bowl of salad ever 3 hours during the day and you still may not hit 2000 calories so the point is get your calories from healthy food which are high in micro & macro nutrient but less in calories so you can eat through out the day and still stay under your caloric requirement.

“Static stretching keep you away from injuries” – Static stretching is actually good for maintaining muscle pliability & flexibility. However evidence shows that static stretching before exercises can cause injuries, so try to do static stretching at the end of workouts. For warm up before workout dynamic stretching are very beneficial but do static stretching at the end. Static stretching is some time used by power athletes to improve the force production for a power lifting move but not for a workout regime. In short consider your muscles=rubber band & room temperature=warmed up muscles & cold/freezing temperature=your muscle before workout; now answer to yourself what will happen if you stretch a rubber band after taking it out from deep freezer? of-course it will break but it does not break at room temperature.

“Avoid carbohydrates” – Consider carbohydrates as fuel for your body. If you are working out hard you want to make sure you get enough carbohydrates, eliminating carbohydrates from your meal will leave you energy less and tired. You want to make sure you have more fibrous carbohydrates instead of starchy carbohydrates to have maximum gains & benefits.


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