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Health gossips collect all important news or article regarding Nursing from everywhere and post it to make it easily available to everyone.

Health gossip will try to provide the knowledge of each area regarding the Nursing. Founder  of this website invites all the Nursing students to post their valuable comments on the health gossip Nursing blog, usually students who come from different country they usually don’t know where to get information about the Nursing education or any updates regarding the Nursing education around the world. Main focus of health gossip is about the Nursing in Canada.

This website is design to provide all updates from Nursing education and also wants to share some successful Canadian practical Nursing examination tips by successful students from their learning experience. Nursing is all about the practical knowledge and critical thinking of the given situation where critical thinking has very big role in understanding the patient situation. Health gossip wants to cover all that part by sharing the knowledge of students and nurses. Health gossip will also post the articles and news letter written by the experienced writers.

Soon we are going to open a new page on the for nursing students which will help them mainly  to understand the disease and their nursing assessment, action, plan, evaluation of patient’s condition and nursing intervention. Nursing intervention is very big part on the side of the nurses because when in real life scenario, nurse starts his or her carrier; it plays a big role to identify the patient’s needs and fulfillment of that need.

we are going to add everyday a new topic which usually nursing student should know that it is very basics for them.  we are using mainly Porter and Perry for all the study materials. It is very good book for ideal nursing student. You may ask the question that if books are available, why should we put this stuff on website? Well we have good answer for that, most of the student use internet to find their answers instead of looking them in to book because it gives you quick answers. They don’t like to spend more time in just finding the answers. we are trying to give material up to date and to the point so students or any professional or non –professional people can access to it very easily. we are encouraging everyone please leave your comment for any concern regarding material that we have posted.

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    The World Health Organization (WHO) 2005, which describes palliative care as: an approach that improves quality of life of clients and their families […]

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Nurse-Client Relationship

    Nurse –client relationship In real examination of CPNRE, They include many questions on the basis of nurse client relationship. They want nurses to […]

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Breast Cancer and High-Fat Dairy Products

    Estrogen levels are highest in fatty dairy products, compared to low-fat dairy. The investigators analyzed a group of women who were diagnosed with […]

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Diet for Breast Cancer

    Eat more of the things that blow in the wind – i.e. PLANTS! Make vegetables and fruits, cereals and grains the mainstay of […]

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My Aspirations as a Nurse

  I want to work triage in a city emergency room, be streetwise and kind. I want to hold a starving child in Sudan and […]

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