Masala Fries (French Fries) Air fryer Recipie

Recipe: Masala French fries in air fryer


Medium to large size potato,

Spices as per your taste (I am using coriander, powder chili powder, mango powder, salt)

Olive oil 1tbsp

Ziploc bag to mix everything

Clean cloth or paper towel to dry sliced potato



Pre heat air fryer @400 F°, take the potatoes, wash and slice them according the thickness you want. For crunchy fries, make thin slices; now put them right away in cold water as potatoes turn black very fast. Now after slicing all the potato wash them very well cold water and dry with paper towel or clean cloth. Now in a Ziploc bag, put all potato, spices and oil, closes the bag and mix well.  Time to transfer them into an air fryer basket and turn on air fryer for 20 to 30 min or it takes time according to thickness of potato fries. Shake fries in between so it cooks well on all sides. Watch out the video for perfect masala fries video. I made this fries for fast but if you are not fasting like me you can add more spices like garlic, onion powder or herbs of your choice. Enjoy masala fries with ketchup or dipping of your choice.




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