New Ontario Government Helping Nurses Begin Their Careers




As of May 6th, Ontario is ensuring that the people of this province have greater access to quality front-line health care by helping more nurses to enter the workforce.

The province is expanding the Nursing Graduate Guarantee so that new nursing graduates from other provinces and territories have the opportunity to work in Ontario.

As part of the Nursing Graduate Guarantee, the province is also creating the Nursing Career OrIENtation Initiative, an employment initiative to help internationally educated nurses transition to practise full-time in Ontario.

These initiatives will provide nursing graduates educated outside of the province with an opportunity to gain employment and to work with experienced nurses to enhance their knowledge and skills.

Supporting nurses who are entering the workforce in Ontario is part of the government’s Action Plan for Health Care and its commitment to provide the right care, at the right time, in the right place.

Quick Facts

  • An average of 2,200 nurses are hired through the Nursing Graduate Guarantee each year.
  • Since 2007, more than 14,300 nurses have participated in the Nursing Graduate Guarantee initiative.
  • There are 16,400 more nurses working in Ontario since 2003.
  • National Nursing Week is May 6-12, 2013.

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