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You can add more years to the lifespan of a human being with the help of modern research in medicine and surgery. On the other hand quality of life is deteriorated. Due to the stress delivered from daily routines the innate immunity of human being is been destroyed. In addition it also causes insomnia, ulcer, depression, heart disease, diabetes, mental disorders, asthma and allergies. To live long from this all disease we are prescribed anti-ulcer, anti-diabetic, anti-depression, anti-asthmatic, and anti-allergic. More over these drugs have their own side effects which also add up. This is how a diseased person’s life gets dependent on medication similar to a man running on the second hand of the clock, and finally he can never escape from the muddle of medications. Taking advantage of such situations, the Mafias of medicine business have filled up their accounts with millions of bucks more over now they have started adulterating medicines to sky-rise their income. (This is been indexed in recent news channels and reports). Although having total control and quality check facilities over the allopathic medicine business, these mafias are still able to establish their flags.  By this means the adulterated medicines disrupts the health of a common man.  These mafias have also entered the traditional Indian medicine science “Ayurveda” by mass media & promotion tactics and have contaminated the whole system. However there are no standardization and governmental control besides there is no availability and true identification of natural herbs in Ayurveda. All around India the known big pharmaceutical companies uses their own procedures by mixing and fixing the old traditional Ayurvedic procedures.

Instead of using the traditionally known natural ingredient, this pharmaceutical companies lays the common allopathic medicines in market branding it as an Ayurvedic remedy for various diseases. The trust and faith of these diseased people are being crunched by our own society. These Mafias are least interested in other form of medication which are not popular. Complementary and alternative therapies do not have side effects but they are being laid down by the fake doctors who do not even have appropriate knowledge about human anatomy, physiology and are not even related to the medical faculty. They don’t even know the difference between leukemia and leucorrhoea & these doctors diminishes the growing system of alternative medicine and there is no way to control them. Education institutes are now becoming one of the big businesses, whereas politicians are busy misusing their powers and positions. In this situation the stress level of common people will increase. People are being trapped in stress by jealousy, competition, the race of getting modern luxuries and by a society moving towards westernization. Thus it becomes impossible to come out from stress. This stress finally ends in the sewer of diseases.

Stress developing in young children is a sign of this modern world. Do we ever find such stress in children’s of older times? A burden free education has now become a still picture woven with words. A child gets trapped in stress right from beginning of the study to the end. It has become a race of marks, grades and percentages where parent’s expectation adds on more stress. After completing the higher secondary education, the battle of carrier starts which is level 2 of stress where a student strives to get admission in good colleges and universities. The stress does not end here. Stress of level 3 is of getting job in this highly competitive world which stays whole life till their children’s take over.

Above mentioned was just an example of the increasing day to day stress in people’s life. This stress has become a vicious cycle with no loophole to escape.

Reference: Originally written by Father In Law of the owner of Health-Gossip – Dr. Harish. G. Makwana (M.D. , Ph.D )

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  1. Well done ! Drinking water might have been more useful, and doing yoga and pranayam is another form of meditation nice reason are presented for stress which really are true …

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