Spirulina (Blue green algae) is the only natural immuno stimulant against Covid-19 and its variant.

Spirulina against covid 19
Spirulina is the best immuno stimulant for corona virus

Spirulina tab or cap is made from sea-algae obtain from sea-weed, it contain many minerals and proteins with micronutrients Spirulina is only world’s best super – food – supplements for all types of various natural food. It has capacity to protect human kind against Covid-19 and other variant viruses; It has remarkable concentration of nutrients known in any herb, plant. It’s contains of 70% highly digestible vegetable protein beta – carotene, Vitamin-B. Complex, iron and trace minerals, even fatty acid, Gama Linolenic acid, amino acids, chlorophyll and the blue pigment, phycocyanin, this all are provide a variety of benefits for human body, it’s contains about more then hundred different nutrient’s Spirulina has very Low caloric value, per gram – 4 calories.

Spirulina contains a nutritional component found only in it called phycocyanin, phycocyanin is a protein that helps the brain to developed stem cell and is considered to be a powerful anti – oxidant with anti – inflammatory properties.

In human body spirulina has high absorption rate and high bio-availability because of it does not require the dissolution and extraction of energy for the breakdown of a protein.

It also contains anti – viral ingredients, which might inhibit the replication of SARA-COV-2, the replica poly protein of corona viruses are a multifunctional protein, it contains the activities necessary for the transcription of negative stranded RNA, Leader RNA sub genomic m RNAs and progeny virion RNA as well as proteinases responsible for the cleavage of the polyprotein into functional products, C-phycocyanin and calcium, recent study on C-phycocyanin between viral nsp-12 and C-phycocyanin hints that the compound clearly competes with the ATP that bind to the active site of nsp-12, C-phycocyanin binds to the active site of the SARS-cov-2 and might inhibits the viral RNA dependent RNA polymerase (Rd. Rp). protein, thereby high jacking the replication mechanism of the virus which, otherwise multiplies synthesizes multiple viral proteins within the host cell, C-phycocyanin targeting the active site of the main protein responsible for viral – replication and inhibit the muted virus spike protein. which has affinity with receptor which is basic plate form for covid 19 variants to enter into human body.

Most of the scientific studies show, spirulina to have the efficacy to inhibit viral replication. It was found that 5-10 mg/ml of spirulina will inhibit the HIV-1, Virus, AIDS virus and other variants, In my resent clinical study in Gujarat and Maharashtra state reveals good result for those who are taking spirulina 1.g. twice a day for six month have no covid-19 infection but still large group of patients require for long clinical trial and it is also good for new arrival variant viruses.

Writer – Dr. Harish Makwana

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