veggie wrap


Veggie wrap

This veggie wrap contains all necessary


1cup Cabbage
1cup Carrots
1/2cup Onion
½ cup Green peppers
2tbsp Garlic ginger paste
1 cup Mashed boiled potato
  Salt, pepper herbs of your choice( I used oregano and basil)

turmeric, chili powder, coriander cumin powder

½ cup Bread crumps dry, dry mango powder


Step 1

Vegetable sauté

In pan take 2 tbsp. oil add ginger garlic paste, add cabbage, green pepper, carrots, and onions, stir it well, and add salt and black peppers. Add Herbs of your choice. Let it cook 5-7 min,  keep that aside.


Step 2

In another bowl take 1 mashed boil potato, add bread crumps of Any kind, add chill powder, mango powder, Coriander cumin powder, some coriander leaves chopped, and salt. Mix it very well. Now make Patties from the stuffing in shape of your choice.  In a pan take 1tbsp oil and roast them on both sides. Keep it on the side.


Take a whole wheat tortilla wrap apply three sauce

1) Avocado chutney (check out my video on how to make quick avocado chutney) VIDEO

2) Tamarindsauce ( check out links in description down below to buy it ready made) amazon link

3) Hot sauce

add potato Pattie  on top of Pattie add sautéed vegetables as shown on video, now sprinkle any chart masala of your choice. Now time to fold watch my video for perfect wrap. After folding it perfectly roast it in a pan with little butter and enjoy it with any chutney or sauce.


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